People Burning Comics is Absurd

Not since politicians and the media made comic books public enemy #1 for all of society’s ills have we seen this much comic book burning. Social Justice Warriors are not happy with writer Nick Spencer‘s portrayal of Captain America as always being a (Nazi-inspired) Hydra sleeper agent.
It’s one thing to purchase a comic then burn it and post it online (even though it’s not protesting because they got your money) It’s completely different taking a free comic book from a shop that has to pay for those comics then burning it and posting online.
You’re, not a real supporter of comic shops or comics in general when you take advantage of the generosity of a local business which doesn’t have to participate in the awesome event.
A few sites have pointed this out, but it’s worth repeating until they understand. Burning literature of any format that is deemed corrupt or needs to not be read by anyone or bad for society as a whole is exactly what Nazi’s did back in WWII! These Antifa morons scream hatred for fascism yet practice the main principles fascism constantly.
This is over a fictional character who’s been around over 75 years. Again FICTIONAL CHARACTER. Do we not have more important things to focus on? Like seriously you think a fictional story is that detrimental to you that you have to burn it and make a public scene?  Aside for the desperate cry for attention you apparently don’t get enough of why do this?  Burning comics does not make you a political activist it makes you an asshole for disrespecting artists and writers hard work. So you didn’t like the issue or where the story is going. Fine! That’s your right as a reader just keep your whiny mouth shut unless you have some constructive critique instead of spewing hate and death threats towards other humans.
Also Antifa not everyone is a Nazi who doesn’t agree with you, more important Nazi’s don’t exist anymore! There’s a reason why we have the term neo-nazi. It’s a group that’s similar to the original or is trying to be like the original Nazi party. By no means are Neo-Nazi’s what the original Nazi party was or our world would be quite different at this very moment. This isn’t a defence of Neo-Nazi’s it’s just making an important distinction between the two.
Honestly, if all the people that are considered Nazi’s (which is more than half of the US) are actually Nazi’s don’t you think there would be fights and riots on every street corner? It’s an easy word to throw around and label someone causes no one wants to be called a nazi it captures headlines and fears well.
Everyone is also making a comment about Jack Kirby and Stan Lee being Jewish and how it’s offensive to them. Sadly we can’t ask Jack what he thinks about the change to Captain America a character he created with Joe Simion. One would assume he would not consider the “Nazi’s” of today as the same as the Nazi’s of WWII. Stan Lee on the other hand actually gave his opinion a year ago on the drastic change.
“It’s a hell of a clever idea,” said Lee. “I don’t know that I would ever have thought of it for him to be a double agent, but it’s going to make you curious, it’s going to make you want to read the books, they’ll probably do a movie based on it. So I can’t fault it; it’s a good idea. I think it’s crazy, but it’s a good idea.”
It seems that Lee while surprised is not personally offended by the change but in fact thinks it’s a good idea. It’s also important to point out that Secret Empire just launched. There is still a lot of stories left in the event to be told. Logically you would think we would wait until the end of the story to make our judgement. Everyone is so quick to accuse a creative team of this and that without having the full story and it needs to stop.
It’s perfectly fine to disagree with someone. It is not fine to disrespect, endanger and threaten another life over political, religious or cultural views. It’s certainly not fine to destroy someone’s work in a public display with hateful intent. Instead of burning the comic why don’t you make your own with your own views and story? Oh right your just going to move on to the next thing to be outraged about instead of actually using your brain and attempting creativity. It’s easier for you to act like a child than an adult. You’re unwilling to respond in the medium you discovered the “wrong political views” and can’t even have a civil and respectful debate. You are all pathetic.
Please just try and enjoy comics, you’re not going to like them all but don’t use that as an excuse to do something stupid and childish.

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