Orillia Comic-Con 2017

Orillia, Ontario Canada had its first ever comic-con on Sunday, May 21st, 2017. My local comic shop Dr.Comics put this con together. After much promoting and anticipation it’s safe to say that this con exceeded all expectations. First off very few small con’s especially their very first one get the quality of guests that Orillia comic-con had. You have Mark Bagley legendary artist and creator of Carnage, Fabian Nicieza writer and creator of Deadpool and Bob Layton one of the founders of comic publisher Valiant Comics and artist known for his work on Iron Man, Conan and Ant-Man.

Oh ya, there’s also the fact that attendance was over 7,400!



matt-orillia comic-con.jpg
That’s me in the Batman shirt helping Dr.Comics Sell some Comics and Figures


con crowd

The show was packed! Lots of vendors, cosplayers and celebrity guest. Most importantly there was no shortage of comics. It was everything you expected from a 1st comic-con, one that was desperately needed for the area.

I got to meet Fabian Nicieza and get some Deadpool and X-Force comics signed which was awesome. I also got to meet Mark Bagley. I have a cool experience/story to share about him that really deserves it’s own post as it relates to a much larger topic I’m interested in getting into, that should be up fairly soon.

The dates for next years con was announced just days before the con took place. Thankfully it will be held at West Orillia Sports Complex – Rotary Place and will be 2 days June 23rd-24th 2018! Planning has already begun and will be significantly larger than the first.

Thanks to Carmine De Santo the owner of Dr.Comics and manager of the con for putting on a massive show in a small town can’t wait till next year.


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