Happy New Year!

It’s finally 2018. A new year, with new goals new hopes and dreams to be accomplished. It’s usually within the first few weeks and sometimes days where we determine if we are off to a great start or not. Hopefully, your 2018 is off to a great start.

The start of the new year for me has seemed better than previous ones. Usually, it takes a month or so for me to notice anything different. New years day I applied for the right to pitch for an anthology. The form said I should hear back no later then two weeks, so I figured it is close if not beyond two weeks. Three hours later I was invited to pitch!

So the next week and a bit I will be working on pitches for short comic book stories and hope I get selected.

You may also notice the new logo on the site. It will more than likely be temporary, but I’m happy just to have something for the time being. It was bothering me, so I’m glad that is out of the way!

I ran my first Facebook promotion with my last post. I had seen the adds on my FB pages asking if I want to boost my post or page for a while. I had debated whether it was going to be worth it or futile. So I paid 8$ Canadian for five days with the targeted explicitly at the US. Again I wasn’t sure if it would be worth the money, but it was a significantly lower risk than more traditional paid advertising. It actually worked out better than I expected.

From December 28th- January 2nd my post was viewed/ appeared in 392 timelines and generated ten link clicks, four post likes and one page like. Now it doesn’t look overly impressive, but I was more concerned about how many feeds it reached. I’ve been gone a while, so this was an excellent way to let people know I’m back and hopefully extend my reach a bit. Ten link clicks were more than I was hoping for. I will be doing this a few more times this year I think with trying different regions and especially some locally.

With all this talk of how my year started, I bet you’re wondering how the year for comics has started out? Well, it’s barely Wednesday, and the comics that are coming out were produced in 2017. It’s also too early for significant announcements or much drama to be unleashed on the interwebs. The coolest thing I saw in the barely 48 hours of the new year was this awesome tweet.



Brian Michael Bendis, of course, shocked me and the comic world in late 2017 when he announced he would be leaving Marvel and singing an exclusive deal with DC. Bendis had been with Marvel for 17 years with his career really taking off with 2000’s Ultimate Spider-Man with Mark Bagley (who drew 111 consecutive issues!). He was a cornerstone of Marvel for years writing some of marvels best titles and even consulted on MCU films and cartoons. It will be truly exciting to see what he comes up with in the DC universe and hopefully, he can get some input on upcoming DC films.

There you have it, Bendis, tweeting that he is officially working for DC comics. To me, that is an excellent start to the new year for comics ( i know for many it’s not but come on change is good!)





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