Spencer & Locke #3 Review

After the events of issue 2, we see the tortured protagonist Locke strapped to a table. Locke is about to be injected with a crazy concoction of illegal and pharmaceutical drugs and thus begins the Sci-Fi hallucination of  Rocketman Reynolds. Meanwhile, Spencer searches for his drug induced partner before he does some serious damage he might regret.

That’s right on top of Sin City and Calvin & Hobbes influence we get a splash of good old sci-fi which doesn’t feel out of place at all. It up’s the crazy factor in a good way and provides a good lead into the (sniff) last issue due out in July.



The art (Jorge Santiago), lettering(Colin Bell), colours (Jasen Smith) and writing (David Pepose) have been consistently good the past 3 issues and I expect the same for the final issue. Consistency in your comic book production and execution is vitally important. You would think this would be common sense but there are plenty of comics both indie and big 2 that lack consistency. This is why comics is a team sport every department has to perform to the best of their ability and hold the other to the standard agreed upon whatever it may be. The ultimate hope is that everyone exceeds the standards that were set at the beginning.

I’m not huge on spoiling too much about an issue not everyone gets to the shop or buys digitally on a Wednesday. So if you have read issues 1 and 2 already 3 will give you no reason to stop especially when there is one issue left, so continue to support the title and creator-owned comics. The trade for Spencer & Locke is currently available for pre-order (Aug. 31st release) if you’re a trade only reader ( Diamond pre-order code: JUN171107 ) and you still have a short time (Monday, June 26th deadline) to pre-order issue #4 MAY171017.

Spencer & Locke has been an enjoyable mini-series with all killer and no filler. I look forward to how it’s going to end next month!





Spencer & Locke #2 Review

If you have not read Spencer & Locke #1 see if your local shop still has copies or get the digital version. All you need to know is that It is described by the creators as what if Calvin and Hobbes lived in Sin City. It is a very precise blend of both worlds. The story starts off with Detective Locke arriving at a crime scene in an alleyway only to discover the body is his childhood sweetheart Sophie Jenkins. Locke along with his partner Spencer begin a very personal investigation.

Things just got a lot darker in issue 2 which is what you expect from a comic influenced by Frank Miller‘s Sin City. We get a little more of locke’s already traumatic childhood and a new disturbing event that happened during it. Loke’s dark side also comes out as he gets somewhat violent on his childhood bully Stanley. This is an enjoyment for most victims and Locke certainly got some payback and satisfaction.

After getting some information out of Stanley Spencer & Locke find themselves in one of the few places in the city where you can find the worst of the worst. The Red Rose.

s art

We are now at the mid-way point of the 4-issue mini and so far so good. While I could see this story going beyond 4 issues, I am interested to see how much content we are going to get out of 3 and 4 and the quality of it. While for some they might be thinking they know how this is going to end I personally like to think it’s going to be different from the standards of most noir stories. While it’s always the hope of the creative team (for the most part) to have a mini turn into another possibly longer mini and ultimately if all the pieces are clicking they want an ongoing series.

To me, this is the world that could easily provide a tonne of story content. What some comic fans fail to realise with comics from publishers is that they need sales to justify the creation and cost of an ongoing monthly title. That means buying the single issues and the trades. So if you like this series so far keep supporting and encourage others who may like this particular comic.

David Pepose, Jorge Santiago, Jasen Smith, and Colin Bell have made a solid comic that will make you stick with the series to the end. I look forward to issue 3 and 4