Indie Comic Spencer & Locke Gets Optioned by Prime Universe Films

So I got a super exciting press release while I was at work and while the whole internet probably knows about this by now I am still sharing!

One of my favourite comic book series of 2017 Spencer & Locke got optioned by Hitman film producer Adrian Askarieh who owns Prime Universe Films. Now, what does optioned mean? Essentially Prime Universe Films has an agreement with the creators for the exclusive film rights to Spencer & Locke for a specific amount of time and financial obligations. Adrian has the right to purchase the screenplay in the agreed upon timeframe (most contracts range from 12-18 months).

This is some great news and just a week before the release of issue #4 which is the conclusion of the first mini-series. With the overwhelmingly positive reception this series has gotten from fans and critics and now the news of a potential film I have to assume will we see more Spence & Locke comics from Action Lab. Right, David Pepose !?

If you have no idea what Spencer & Locke is and why I’m a big fan of it check out my reviews and this awesome comic book trailer from the creative team.

Here is the official press release:

We are pleased to announce SPENCER & LOCKE, Action Lab Entertainment’s critically acclaimed new crime series from writer David Pepose and artist Jorge Santiago, Jr., has been optioned for film by Hitman film producer Adrian Askarieh and his company Prime Universe Films. You can learn more about this new development at The Hollywood Reporter.

Described as “a fantastic debut” by Batman writer Scott Snyder and “a fiendishly fun take on an age-old classic” by IGN, SPENCER & LOCKE follows hard-boiled Detective Locke as he solves a brutal murder with the only partner he can trust — his imaginary talking panther, Spencer. But as their investigation stirs up a vicious crime syndicate and memories of Locke’s traumatic upbringing, can this unlikely pair survive long enough to learn the truth?

SPENCER & LOCKE #4, which concludes the series’ action-packed storyline, will be available at comic shops and digital devices Wednesday, July 19. Series writer David Pepose will be signing copies of all four issues at Comic-Con International in San Diego at the Action Lab booth (#2006), including a never-before-seen SDCC variant cover from artist Joe Mulvey

Fans can catch up on SPENCER & LOCKE at ComiXology or can preorder the SPENCER & LOCKE trade paperback collection through their local comics shops by Monday, July 24 using the preorder code JUN171107. You can also follow SPENCER & LOCKE on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.


Vessel #1 Review

Vessel is a dark fantasy inspired by the popular video game Dark Souls according to series writer Dave Cook who he and artist Rafael Desquitado Jr are big fans of.

Story Synopsis Via:

“A warrior named Wake who is being pursued by a destructive entity from another world. Wherever she goes it follows, leaving decay and death in its path. She has wandered for across the realm of Cairnthala for years as a vagrant, for fear of bringing misery to innocent people. She avoid cities, keeps herself hidden away and lives with her terrible burden.

That is, until she is captured by slavers and taken to Cairnthala’s capital city Stratum, which is densely populated, and of course not the best place for a destructive force to be unleashed. So Wake panics, and meets a craft thief called Marillon who has history with Wake’s demonic pursuer.

dreams and reality become blurred, trans-dimensional occurrences bleed into Cairnthala and the very planes of existence begin to warp and splinter around Wake.

A pilgrimage across the realm begins, and with new companion, G’Dala by her side, Wake journeys to destroy the source of her pursuer’s power once and for all. G’Dala is a Mind Keeper, scholar of a religion that has the power to enter dreams and interpret them to see the future.

What he can’t see, however, are the Vessels – five legendary warriors for another dimension based on the five senses. They stand between Wake and her goal, and will die to stop her from succeeding.

The question is, why?”

I like the concept of the story, but I honestly can’t get into this comic. The fantasy genre is hit and miss for me. That said I’m sure there are plenty of people who will enjoy it or give it a chance just because of the fact it’s a fantasy style comic or that’s it’s influenced by a massively popular video game.

The biggest negative to me is not the writing but the lettering. It is all over the place. Multiple font styles and varying sizes, which is fine if It’s done properly, but in my opinion, it was not. It made reading the comic a huge chore and irritated my eyes at times with a couple of the font styles. The art looked good at times and in other panels not so much, it would throw me off and take me out of the story. I took my time with this particular review because of the reasons I just mentioned. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t having an off day or whatever.

The colours in this comic worked well actually and are consistent.


Wake with guitar

Comics are a challenging beast to create, and the fact that this team created a 30 plus page comic and self-published should be commended.

So between the lettering issues and problems with the art, I had, i found it difficult to get invested in this world. That said, everyone is different and has varying tastes and opinions so if you’re a fan of indie comics and Dark Fantasy style comics give it a shot you can purchase a copy at the link on the top of this article.

Issue #2 of Vessel is due out in July sometime, and I am genuinely curious to see how much of an improvement it will be over issue #1.


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Shaw on Comics Podcast #1: Kelly Bender

So the other week I messaged my friend Kelly Bender who I hadn’t talked to in a little while, I wanted to congratulate him on another successful Kickstarter for his latest comic Undigenous wich was co-created with artist Adam Ferris. We got chatting then said we should skype soon. As soon as he mentioned that I said I got time now if you do and as luck would have it he did. so this was a spur of the moment not planned ahead of time podcast.

So I talked to Kelly about Kickstarter, the new Top Cow Talent Hunt (Kelly is a 2015 winner) comic book creating and comics in general.

This is my first podcast so I apologise if the audio or production is not up to par with the rest out there I’m just learning.

If there are any issues with not being able to play the audio just message me on my Facebook page or Twitter. Going to figure out this audio uploading thing soon!